Rewarding your loyal customers, is it worth it? Today a company can spend so much time thinking of how to gain the attention of new customers, they sometimes can lose sight of their current customer base. Because of this companies have come up with various renditions of rewarding customers. So this leads to the question, should you be rewarding your loyal customers? The answer to this question is… You bet! You know the old saying, “it’s cheaper to keep her”, perhaps that phrase was coined about a car, or perhaps a marriage… But it also applies to your current customer base too. Your existing customersRead More →

As an Energy Marketer, you’re always seeking a competitive edge to make your current customers happier, increase their value, and acquire new customers. Here we’re going to take a look at best practices for creating and executing your most successful marketing campaigns. These critical components include: Crafting the Right Message & Incentive Selecting Marketing Channels Know your Sales Funnel Track Results & Analytics Crafting the Right Message & Incentive Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. If any of these aspects of a campaign are not done well, the campaign results will likely suffer. With regardsRead More →

Destwin Energy Systems, LLC, the developer of mission critical web-based tools for the oil and propane industry, announced today that CheckAlt-Kilk has joined the Destwin Partner Program to foster their mutual goals of promoting cross-industry adoption of best practices and business-specific solutions for their clients. Located in Sandy Hook, CT, Destwin Energy Systems LLC provides systems integrations for oil, propane, and other energy and commodity marketers to increase sales, ease staff burdens, retain and increase customer value, and sell price protection contracts with automated risk management. CheckAlt-Klik, based just 25 miles north of Manhattan in Valley Cottage NY, is a leading national innovator and providerRead More →