Destwin Energy Systems provides Mission Critical Solutions for the Energy Business!


Fuel Dealer Solution

Designed for retail marketers, the Destwin® FDS is a cloud-based e-commerce system which integrates backoffice data with a customer web portal to improve marketing and lead generation, customer support, online sales, and risk management.

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Energy Wholesaler Solution

Created for the unique needs of Energy Wholesalers, Destwin® EWS is a transformative online customer sales and service portal which brings your customer data to life to grow sales, increase customer retention and loyalty, and simplify your risk management.

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Advanced Risk Managment

Know your margins, eliminate risk, take control of your company's path. Destwin® Energy Systems provides you with advanced tools to visualize & hedge against risk with unprecedented ease and precision; through a wide array of price projections and sophisticated hedging tools.

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From the Blog

Gary Sippin

  • Should you sell contracted fuel?

    Should you sell contracted fuel?

    Let’s address the elephant in the room shall we? Many energy marketers often ask themselves if they should in fact sell or aggressively promote contracted fuel. As a fellow energy marketer myself, I have struggled with that very notion. At the end of the day, the decision is not ours to make, but actually the customers. It is our obligation as energy marketers to meet the demands of our customers in our local marketplace. With …Read More »

Destwin Blog

  • Introducing Cargas Energy ‘Real-Time’ Data Interface

    Introducing Cargas Energy ‘Real-Time’ Data Interface

    Introducing the Cargas Energy – Destwin® Real-Time Data Interface! Now with Destwin®, get real-time data integration with your Cargas Energy system. What Real-Time means to your business With the Destwin-Cargas Real-Time API, you can help take your customer experience to the next level of convenience, accessibility, and satisfaction. The real-time API complements the existing and already-robust data integration between Destwin® and Cargas, resulting in the best of both worlds: easy system-wide access to bulk customer …Read More »

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