FDS Customer Portal Notes

  • E3/SmartConnect Real-time Scheduling – allows real-time appointment lookup, availability checking, booking appointments for service by end users
  • E3/SmartConnect Contact Class Improvements, allowing emails being sent to E3
  • Payment Screen submit button repositioning
  • CSR display of reason why a customer cannot place fuel order online
  • Interface to Live Help Now 3rd party chat system
  • Payments ‘Round Up for Charity’ feature

Admin System Notes

  • E3/SmartConnect dealers – improved contract log columns lets dealer have better indication of SLPP status from Destwin created contract
  • MMS messaging setup screens for service call status, tech names/images, manual sending on demand
  • Margin Matrix layout upgrade
  • Improved admin system saved card vault management screens
    • Able to compare saved cards Destwin knows about vs what is in the gateway (for some gateways)
    • Expiring card report
  • Recurring Payments report showing upcoming expiring rules
  • Contract delivery report screen (by account)
  • Admin left side orange bar width reduction giving a little more space to main content
  • Admin navigation is now responsive to accommodate smaller browser windows
  • Marketing Console Improvements:
    • Bug Fix – hidden scroll bar on marketing console pages now visible
    • Improvement – able to delete groups
    • Improvement – Organize AIM messages by date last modified by default
    • Improvement – Pages screen – ‘slots in use’ drop down
    • Improvement – drag and drop image uploader

ARM Notes

  • Real-time quote/purchase of paper hedges strip via CWXRS/MunichRE API
  • Real-time wet barrel purchase from enabled EWS systems

EWS Notes

  • Enabled FDS dealer can quote/purchase strips of wet barrels from EWS system
  • Alternative source of commodity options allowing 3rd party import/upload of futures pricing for comparison with standard futures source and allows choice of ‘active’ source at any time
  • Active Users system – monitors which end users are logged in and browsing the site and shows who/where they are in an admin screen
  • Basic ‘reverse’ CSR chat functionality where a CSR watching the Active Users page could ask the browsing end user if they want to chat
  • Admin Quote Panel integrated Prompt & Future Ordering without having to go into the customer portal
  • Heat Curve contracts available as another order type
  • Lifting request option to let truck drivers schedule their pickup of contract gallons
  • Mobile compatibility for prompt orders