FDS Customer Portal Notes

  • Optional alternate login page with tabbed interface
  • Esys split deliveries display improvements
  • Loyalty Points – optional multiple item redemption

Admin System Notes

  • Marketing console – Added mailing lists in the Customer portal – customers can add themselves to a mailing list
  • Marketing console – Unsubscribe from mailing list – Dealer can unsubscribe some of the emails in the mailing list for a particular message
  • Marketing console – Preview button in the pages page goes to the right page with slots
  • Marketing console – Page filter and some stylistic improvements
  • Configurations Mgmt – shows all possible configurations even if not entered, as a reference
  • Contracts Not Submitted Graph/Info – shows customers that visited contracts page in the last week but did not submit a contract
  • Margin Matrix change history logged and displayable
  • NACHA setup screen improvements
  • Monthly Statistics of key usage and submissions automatically tracked and graphable
  • Context specific menu simplified setup screen
  • E3 SmartConnect diagnostic/information screen​

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