Let’s address the elephant in the room shall we? Many energy marketers often ask themselves if they should in fact sell or aggressively promote contracted fuel. As a fellow energy marketer myself, I have struggled with that very notion. At the end of the day, the decision is not ours to make, but actually the customers. It is our obligation as energy marketers to meet the demands of our customers in our local marketplace. With taking a much more aggressive position, it is our obligation as business people to embrace markets that can yield exceptional growth potential. For example, if contracted sales are not particularlyRead More →

There are many things that you probably should not do yourself. For example, doing your own surgery or trying to perform your own haircut is usually a bad idea.  But there are a few things in life you probably can and should do yourself, with proper guidance of course. For an Energy Marketer, hedging your contracted sales is one of those things.  In the past, hedging has been seen as somewhat a blend of science and black magic. We often relied upon a few hedging gurus who we all believed could somehow predict the future with some degree of accuracy. Most of us have comeRead More →