Destwin® Energy Systems & Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solutions

Destwin® Energy Systems was organized to provide Cloud based SaaS solutions for Energy Marketers. Our flagship product the Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution (FDS) was introduced in December of 2006. FDS was designed for fuel dealer retailers. FDS receives data from an Energy Marketer’s backend system and allows that data to be accessed and viewed in a web browser. Certain information can then be made available through the secure customer facing portal. The Administrator portal allows the Energy Marketer to manage customer portal content and monitor activity.

The initial FDS portal introduced in 2006 was built to support on-line contracting for Price Protection Programs and to aggregate contract data efficiently for Risk Management and hedging decisions. FDS came to life as a result of numerous discussions between the two co-founders, Bill West and Gary Sippin. Bill had run a successful software development and technology firm for many years and Gary was the owner of Sippin Energy, a family owned full service heating oil company located in Monroe, CT, who also happened to be Bill’s landlord.

Subsequent versions of FDS have added more features. Today’s version 3.0 is a robust software tool that allows the end user customer to self-manage their account, pay bills, review transaction history, enroll in various programs, and order fuel. The Administrator portal provides a user-friendly interface to allow the Fuel Dealer to manage portal information with targeted content, promotions, fuel ordering, online contracts, and standard and custom forms.

In 2011, Destwin® introduced the Destwin® Energy Wholesaler Solution (EWS). EWS provides Energy Wholesalers with a means to allow Energy Retailers to execute contracts online through the Wholesaler’s web site. In addition, EWS customers have the ability to generate quotes to commercial accounts that can be converted to orders online. With version 3.0 Energy Retailers can now place orders with authorized Wholesalers directly through their FDS Advanced Risk Management console.

In 2017 Destwin® migrated it’s hosting facility to provide for additional expansion and having outgrown its office space in Monroe, re-located to our new and current office in Sandy Hook, CT.

Destwin® Energy Systems has integrated with over fifteen different backend systems, all of the most popular gateways, and a number of other third party suppliers to provide support for features like integrated tank monitoring, online statements and invoices, and collections. The Destwin® Energy System’s technical staff includes UI/UX Designers, LAMP Developers, and IT personnel.