Destwin® Energy Wholesaler Solution

In today’s energy markets, information flows at the speed of light. If you are a wholesale terminal or pipeline marketer, you know this all too well. Destwin® provides a mission critical solution, Energy Wholesaler Solution, for today’s cutting edge energy wholesalers. Dramatically increase sales volumes and enhance customer relationships.

Energy Wholesaler Solution Features & Benefits:

Included Features

Customer Retention Tools
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Enhance customer retention and maximize customer value with our Customer Loyalty Rewards Module, Automated Contact Emails, Coupon System and the ability to offer promotional pricing on a selective basis. Benefit: Retain customers, upsell better, and build stronger brand loyalty.
Advanced Customer Data Portal
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Customers can log on, access vital information about their account and free up staff from answering routine questions. Benefit: Staff load is typically reduced by as much as 20%.
Online Will-Call Ordering
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Provide your customers the convenience of ordering fuel online. Benefit: 24/7 access, coupons and promotional pricing options available
Online Tune-up Scheduler
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Provide customers the convenience of scheduling tune-ups or other services 24/7 online from any device. Benefit: Reduce staff time and improve technician utilization by effective resource management.
Online Bill Pay
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Enable customers to pay their account balance online with a credit card or by e-check, as well as create invoices generated periodically or be triggered by fuel deliveries. Invoice amounts can be the current account balance, or a fixed amount for accounts operating on a budget plan with a fixed monthly payment.
Paperless Enrollment
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Further enhance customer convenience with statements and invoices displayed online or sent by email. Benefit: Reduced postage, forms and labor cost. Faster delivery and improved cash flow.