Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution

What is the Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution?

The Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution is a cloud-based e-commerce system which integrates backoffice data with a customer web portal, providing an end-to-end automation solution encompassing marketing and lead generation, customer support, online sales, hedging, and risk management. Destwin® provides the ability to implement sophisticated business applications that may be accessed through a web based interface, allowing your website to become an integrated part of your day-to-day operations.

Is the Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solutionright for my company?

Continuing uncertainty in world oil markets, and the resulting volatility in fuel prices, makes operating a fuel oil or propane delivery business more difficult today than ever before, and innovative strategies and technology are required to succeed. The Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution can help you deal with the challenges you face daily.

The Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution can help you increase customer satisfaction, acquire new customers, streamline your operations, and reduce your exposure to risk from the rapidly changing fuel prices.

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Features & Benefits:

Included Features

Customer Retention Tools
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Enhance customer retention and maximize customer value with our Customer Loyalty Rewards Module, Automated Contact Emails, Coupon System and the ability to offer promotional pricing on a selective basis. Benefit: Retain customers, upsell better, and build stronger brand loyalty.
Advanced Customer Data Portal
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Customers can log on, access vital information about their account and free up staff from answering routine questions. Benefit: Staff load is typically reduced by as much as 20%.
Online Will-Call Ordering
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Provide your customers the convenience of ordering fuel online. Benefit: 24/7 access, coupons and promotional pricing options available
Online Tune-up Scheduler
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Provide customers the convenience of scheduling tune-ups or other services 24/7 online from any device. Benefit: Reduce staff time and improve technician utilization by effective resource management.
Online Bill Pay
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Enable customers to pay their account balance online with a credit card or by e-check, as well as create invoices generated periodically or be triggered by fuel deliveries. Invoice amounts can be the current account balance, or a fixed amount for accounts operating on a budget plan with a fixed monthly payment.
Paperless Enrollment
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Further enhance customer convenience with statements and invoices displayed online or sent by email. Benefit: Reduced postage, forms and labor cost. Faster delivery and improved cash flow.

Add-on Features

Advanced Risk Management (ARM)
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Know your margins, eliminate risk, take control of your company's path. Destwin ENERGY SYSTEMS gives you the advanced tools to visualize & hedge against risk with unprecedented ease and precision, through a wide array of price projections and sophisticated hedging tools.
Contract Price Protection
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Allow customers or Customer Service Agents to create price protection plans anytime over the internet, phone, or in person. Get a live CME Globe data feed for live Heating Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity and Motor Fuels indexing. Propane indexed pricing also available.

Provide customers an array of purchase plans including Prebuy plans, Fixed Price plans, Capped Price Plans, and Flex or Retail Price Plans. Parameters include plan pricing for all customers or on an individual customer basis, account parameters such as K factor, purchase volume, or credit rating, the start and end dates for the plan, and the length of time customers can sign up for a plan in advance of the end date of their current contract.

Terms and conditions for each plan may be configured to fully inform customers of the plan's options and requirements, and to meet the disclosure requirements of regulatory agencies. Pricing for purchase plans may also include program fees or discounts, as well as suggested purchase quantities.

Additional Benefits - Destwin Exclusive
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An exclusive benefit for Destwin customers only - get featured on the web's premier directory for US-based heating oil dealers for greater inbound leads. When homeowners in your service area search online for heating oil providers, they're directed to your company to get in touch directly.