Monroe, CT – Monday, April 6, 2015 – Destwin Energy Systems (“DES”), a supplier of SAAS solutions for the energy industry, announced the addition of two new staff members to its Design and Marketing Services Group. DES utilizes a proprietary web-based application platform to deploy feature-rich, data-driven interactive applications that meet the specific needs of energy retailers and wholesalers. The DESTWIN Fuel Dealer Solution (“FDS”) targets the requirements of the retail energy dealer, and the DESTWIN Energy Wholesaler Solution (“EWS”) is aimed at the needs of the energy wholesaler. The DESTWIN platform allows the integration of numerous internal and external systems into enterprise-wide solutions tailored to meet the needs of energy marketers ranging from small local retailers to large multi-national enterprises. The company is pleased to introduce and welcome Adriana Lee and Evan Meier to its industry-leading team of professionals.

Adriana Lee (Project Manager/User Interface Lead) brings 15 years of experience working with US and international companies of all sizes, including several members of the Fortune 100. Adriana is a skilled designer experienced in developing web-based applications, with a particular focus on analyzing customer requirements to create straightforward user interfaces and implementing effective, efficient workflows.

Evan Meier (User Interface Designer/Marketing Analyst) combines her design skills with creative vision and a keen intuition about what works in new media marketing. Her experience working as the in-house designer for a highly respected mid-size energy retailer has provided her with a broad understanding of how the energy industry works at the retail level, allowing her to understand the needs of energy retailers and develop effective marketing programs and strategies that can be applied using a range of technologies, including the Web, Email, and Social Media.

Please contact Destwin Energy Systems about ways we can work with you to build your brand using the most modern technologies and provide the tools you need to integrate and automate operations throughout your company into a cost-effective enterprise-wide solution meeting your needs and the needs of your customers.