Destwin Energy Systems, LLC, the developer of mission critical web-based tools for the oil and propane industry, announced today that CheckAlt-Kilk has joined the Destwin Partner Program to foster their mutual goals of promoting cross-industry adoption of best practices and business-specific solutions for their clients.

Located in Sandy Hook, CT, Destwin Energy Systems LLC provides systems integrations for oil, propane, and other energy and commodity marketers to increase sales, ease staff burdens, retain and increase customer value, and sell price protection contracts with automated risk management.

CheckAlt-Klik, based just 25 miles north of Manhattan in Valley Cottage NY, is a leading national innovator and provider of outsourced integrated receivables payment processing solutions across 13 national processing locations with full electronic and paper remittance systems integrations.

“We are pleased to welcome CheckAlt-Klik to our partner program,” Bill West of Destwin Energy says. “The Destwin Partner Program is designed specially to enable us and our partners to provide best-practice and best-vendor recommendations to our clients as we provide feedback and advise them on the best solutions for their needs and use-cases. With CheckAlt-Klik on board, we will now be able to direct our clients who would be well-suited by their solutions to them.”

David Gasman, Managing Director of CheckAlt-Klik, shares, “As part of the Destwin Partner Program, we will be able to leverage our already strong relationship with Destwin to bring our services to greater numbers of clients and integrate with their systems and business process flows based on their needs and our consultative approach.”

CheckAlt-Klik helps the nation’s leading financial institutions and major corporations simplify receivables management, providing private-label cash management products and end-to-end outsourced solutions that allow companies to better serve their clients while minimizing cost and complexity. CheckAlt-Klik empowers companies to grow, increase market reach and streamline costs with hosted, cutting-edge receivables management solutions such as KlikRemit, RemitStation, eKlik, and KliknPay.

Destwin Energy Systems LLC ( ) delivers business solutions that provide modern web and e-commerce capabilities, and integrate data from multiple sources to provide customer-facing interactive sales portals along with internal applications that allow companies to operate more efficiently and deliver additional products and services to their customers. The Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution™, Destwin® Xpress™, and Destwin® Energy Wholesaler Solution™ are vertical applications built on the DESTWIN platform designed to meet the specific requirements of energy retailers and wholesalers.