Destwin® Energy Systems, LLC is extremely pleased to announce that Denisse Cordal has joined the Destwin team as their new Chief Operations Officer. She is a New York University alumni and Westchester County, NY native.  Denisse comes to Destwin® with nearly 20 years’ experience in the retail heating oil and natural gas industry. She has had a long and successful career spanning several roles including Customer Service Manager, Sales Manager, and most recently VP of Operations and Organizational Planning at Robison of Elmsford, NY.

At 4’10 and a half, she’s known affectionately as the most petite woman in the industry; but that doesn’t stop her from having a big personality with a determined attitude towards accomplishing organizational goals in a very strategic and methodical way. She is known within the industry as a highly competent, intelligent and experienced person with exceptional business acumen, and a passion to match.  During her career, Denisse led her former organization in launching some extremely innovative and challenging initiatives, which increased overall efficiencies, reduced operational expenses, increased productivity and advanced the company to a more progressive model of operation. Denisse is an authority on winning strategies in streamlining operations, cost-reduction, client interaction, team-building, management, and process optimization.  She has been recognized as a leader with strong strategic vision and the operational expertise to implement necessary changes for organizational growth.