Do you have any interest in learning about ways to expand your business’ online presence? Are you considering a strategy for maximizing your e-commerce sales, marketing, and customer service? Are you seeking validation for your digital or mobile strategy?

If so, please join us Tuesday, May 1, from 9 am- 10 am for an informative expert webinar on online best practices for Energy Marketers!

Best Practices for Maximizing Online Customer Portals Impact

Learn to Leverage Your Customer Data for Greater Sales and Happier Customers. In this 45-minute session presented by Gary Sippin, Energy Marketers will learn firsthand the cutting edge of online customer marketing, sales, and customer service tools, and will learn to apply these best practices to their own businesses

Presented by Gary Sippin, Director of Sales, Destwin Energy Systems

Tuesday, May 1, 2018  – 9 am – 10 am


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