Rising fuel prices and market volatility may motivate today’s consumers to consider price-protected contracts. This environment creates an opportunity for fuel dealers with the right set of tools to gain market share. Price-protected contracts on their own or combined with budget programs give fuel dealers the opportunity to offer peace of mind to today’s anxious consumers.

Today’s online tools available in the Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution™ provide the means to manage these programs. With a well-conceived and adequately hedged online price protection program, energy dealers can meet the needs of today’s consumers and run their businesses smoothly, safely, and profitably.

Doing a job right requires the right tool. It’s easier than you might think. With the proper knowledge, processes, resources, and software tools, price protection and online contracting can be implemented with minimal manual intervention relegating market volatility to the bottom of your energy business’ list of concerns.


Turn a burdensome manual process into a customer self-service, paperless, online process. Automate multiple price protection programs by providing online enrollment and electronic signatures.


Reduce data entry errors, eliminate paper and postage, mitigate delay risk, and stay nimble. Without paper quotes, programs and pricing can be updated on an as-needed basis.


Utilize impactful metrics that track customer and program activity. Overall program enrollment and engagement can be analyzed and aggregated to provide data to lead to better business decisions.

Benefits – for both your customer and company

With Online Contracting you can…

  • Offer various programs, e.g., Capped, Fixed, Pre-buy, Budget (retail), etc.
  • Setup and manage your programs through the Administrative portal
  • Support online enrollment and e-signature by allowing customers to enter programs and electronically sign contracts through the customer-facing web portal
  • Create CSR-assisted contracts through the FDS CSR Dashboard
  • Aggregate contracted gallons for purchasing and hedging decisions

Offering contracts for fuel through your Destwin FDS web portal…

  • Reduces or eliminates paper – helping the environment
  • Minimizes data entry – reducing errors
  • Speeds the customer approval process – reducing delay risk
  • Reduces or eliminates postage – saving money
  • Simplifies and automates the contracting process – saving time

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