Destwin® Energy Wholesaler Solution

Increase sales volumes and enhance customer relationships.

In today’s energy markets, information flows at the speed of light. If you are a wholesale terminal or pipeline marketer, you know this all too well. Destwin® provides a mission critical solution, Energy Wholesaler Solution, for today’s cutting edge energy wholesalers.


Responsive Customer Portal

The Destwin EWS system provides an easy to use customer dashboard, allowing for quick access to all system functions within one easy to navigate interface.

Destwin customer web portals are designed to be responsive and mobile friendly while precisely matching the look and feel of corporate website branding.

Real-Time Buying

Provide your customers with real time CME commodity-based online buying capabilities. Your customers simply select the product, terminal location, appropriate volumes and can then buy instantly or place bids.

  • Prompt buy
  • Forward buy
  • Basis buy
  • Bid buy
  • Low volume (<42k) buy
  • Heat curve strip buys
Real-Time CME Data Feed

Real-time CME data feed provided by Globalview.

Real-Time Rack Prices

Rack prices are displayed on the customer web portal and include all applicable premiums and discounts.

Commercial Contracting System

Create commercial quotes over the web portal or by telephone. Enjoy full automation of online contracting and telephone sales. Commercial quotes can be custom configured for monthly gallons or heat curve purchase. Quotes are immediately emailed out and logged. Quotes can be quickly converted to live orders with electronic signatures.

3rd Party Application Integration
  • ERP/Back office integration
  • Host website integration
  • Integrated Chat / IM application
Membership System

Our easy and effective customer management system provides an intuitive customer experience to boost repeat and added-value sales, and online customer self-service. Allows for multiple customer logins.

EWS Prompt Buy
Administrator Control Panel

An easy to use administrator Control Panel is provided to facilitate managers, and sales staff. The control panel also displays the customer web portal information in a similar format to the customer screen.

  • Data input screens available
  • Nymex futures
  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Terminals Management
  • Rack Prices Management
  • Diffs Management
  • Discounts Management
  • Premiums Management
  • Orders Log
Integrated Hedging Tools

The integrated hedging tools included with the Destwin EWS system provide a wholesale marketer with the ability to hedge contract sales individually, or manage and aggregated book.

Automated Intelligent Messages

Leverage your customer data-integration to show the right message to the right customer at the right now throughout the customer online experience. Drive your marketing effectiveness to new heights with intelligent customer targeting.

Automated Contact Emails

Maximize your marketing impact with data-integrated messages delivered to the right customer at the right time. A valuable email automation tool that can be used to provide notifications such as rack price notifications, and terminal event notifications with customer-specific marketing messages and prices in professionally designed and branded formats.

CSR Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard for fast customer service and account look-up and manipulation. Find customer accounts by easy search and make fast online account updates.

  • Transaction history
  • Payments
  • Lifting information
  • BOL’s
  • Contacts
  • Digital PDF contracts
User Tracking

Advanced user tracking tools allow wholesale marketers to see what their customers are doing on their customer web portal. It tracks page visits, clicks and actions.

Destwin® E-Docs

Bring customers back to their accounts to access statements, invoices & other documents, and present them with targeted marketing messages. Reduce or eliminate postage costs with customer statements and other documents automatically generated and delivered to customers via their online portal.