Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution

What is the Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution?

The Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution is a cloud-based e-commerce system which integrates backoffice data with a customer web portal, providing an end-to-end automation solution encompassing marketing and lead generation, customer support, online sales, hedging, and risk management. Destwin® provides the ability to implement sophisticated business applications that may be accessed through a web based interface, allowing your website to become an integrated part of your day-to-day operations.


Host Data Exchange

Robust data-exchange interfaces bring your backend data to life, empowering your marketing & sales, customer self-service, process automation, and contract programs risk management. Destwin® offers robust data-exchange with all leading backend systems providers and many older systems as well.

Responsive Customer Portal

Sell products and services and enable customer self-service 24/7 in a beautiful mobile-friendly design. Generate greater sales, customer loyalty, and unburden your staff from routine matters.

Membership System

Our easy and effective customer management system provides an intuitive customer experience to boost repeat and added-value sales, and online customer self-service.

Automated Contact Emails

Maximize your marketing impact with data-integrated messages delivered to the right customer at the right time. Intelligent customer targeting boosts sales, customer engagement, and customer lifetime value; automation frees up your staff.

Automated Intelligent Messages

Leverage your customer data-integration to show the right message to the right customer at the right now throughout the customer online experience. Drive your marketing effectiveness to new heights with intelligent customer targeting.

Automated Loyalty Points System

Reward customers and enhance customer value with a state-of-the-art automated customer loyalty program. Let clients accrue value and spend more with you according to your rules and operational objectives.

Form Wizard

Customize your online customer experience and optimize online sales funnels with a powerful tool to create and implement web forms in your customer portal.

Digital Coupons

Enhance your marketing reach and ability to convert customers with automated coupons, which incentivize customers to take action and can be used across all your marketing and advertising.

Customer view of a Destwin FDS customer portalCustomer view of a Destwin® FDS portal.
CSR Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard for fast customer service and account look-up and manipulation. Find customer accounts by easy search and make fast online account updates.

Online Bill Pay

Convenience customers as they expect and keep them coming for repeated interaction and marketing. Credit cards and e-checks (ACH) accepted; credit card vaulting as well (per merchant).

Online Will-Call Ordering

Take your will-call business online to increase sales, repeat business, and customer satisfaction.

Online-Tune-up Scheduler

Implement an automated tool for creating, reserving and managing service appointments for any type of service and their operational requirements.

Paperless Enrollment

Get more customers signed up for your paperless program with easy and convenient online enrollment.

Automatic Delivery Enrollment

Increase enrollment of your automatic delivery programs with easy and convenient online enrollment.

Autopay Enrollment

Increase customer satisfaction and free up your staff with greater auto-payment program enrollments from online sign up.

New Customer Application

Boost new customer signups and decrease admin costs with easy online new customer applications. Online sign ups create account membership credentials for 24/7 customer portal access.

Add-on Features

Additional purchasable features to add to your Destwin® FDS customer web.

Commercial Contracts

Sell online commercial contracts to your retail customers with the same sophistication, ease and benefits of residential price protection contracts and risk management.

Destwin® E-Docs

Boost your marketing reach, convenience customers and staff, and reduce or eliminate postage costs with customer statements and other documents automatically generated and delivered to customers via their online portal.

Shopping Cart

Sell equipment or other products easily online in the customer portal, with targeted intelligent marketing for each customer.

Additional Benefits

Added values to being a Destwin® FDS customer.

Get featured in the leading online directory of fuel oil dealers — only for Destwin® customers. Greater inbound client leads.


Monthly Educational Webinars

Learn energy marketer best practices from industry experts about topics including marketing, technology, risk management, process automation, contract programs, and Destwin® tools.