The Destwin® New Customer Onboarding (NCO) add-on module for Destwin® Fuel Dealer Solution is designed to streamline your customer onboarding process and deliver your customers easy-to-return digital forms that are created and live in a centralized location in your Destwin Administrative portal.

Convert & Simplify

Convert paper documents into easy online forms to collect applicant information

Creation & Approval

Create and setup accounts with backend, credit check, and e-signature integrations

Review & Process

Review and process information while monitoring applications with the NCO Log

Additional Benefits

  • Sign up customers up to 50% faster* while dramatically reducing the effort to do so
  • Simplify the preparation required to send customers their new customer forms
  • Eliminate the back-and-forth between customers and your staff members
  • Save and access all information in one location in your Destwin Admin Portal
  • Easily maintain and modify your contracts and process as necessary

Why Destwin® NCO™?

Overview of the Destwin NCO log screen
The Destwin NCO administrative log screen. CSRs can manage the customer enrollment process easily from one administrative screen.

Adding new customers is essential to growth, and for fuel dealers, new customer onboarding is a long and tedious process that is difficult for customers and your staff. With complex business logic specific to your company, specific information and operational workflows, regulatory compliance needs, and special customer requests, new customer onboarding can be a very costly, labor intensive process.

Oftentimes in an organization, unpleasant or complex workflows develop organically over time, and, as a result, there is little to no ownership of the process. When there is some ownership assigned, changing the process to achieve efficiency can be an uphill battle, since many parties and moving pieces can be involved.

Here are some questions to consider to determine if your New Customer Onboarding process may be one of these processes. If these questions are relatable, the Destwin NCO module may be right for you and your business!

How Does it work?

Destwin NCO – Digital Form Process

Destwin NCO Digitalized Form Process
Destwin NCO digitalized form process. Customers or CSRs can initiate the online enrollment process by collecting and submitting information. CSRs can then manage the customer enrollment process from one administrative screen. The customer information is digitally rendered creating enrollment forms and documents automatically.

Want to see more?

Let us know and we will be happy to get you started! We look forward to discussing your new customer enrollment needs and how your team and customers may benefit from the Destwin FDS™ NCO add-on module.